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MeridianRx is a full service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). We are a pharmacy care partner of choice for those who insist on quality, value, and innovation. Our clients experience lower administrative fees; fast, reliable claims processing; and access to one of the industry's best technology platforms, the MeridianRx Live Integrated Network (MERLIN) system. MeridianRx systems and services balance member population health with their pharmacy needs while controlling costs.


MeridianRx has a proven history of government program compliance while remaining flexible to scale and adapt to various State and client unique requirements. MeridianRx has access to an extensive array of resources and full scalability to accept large or small groups of transitioning members and provide covered services. We are a national full service PBM focused on value and outcomes and utilizing a fully transparent, pass through administration model.


We are responsible for the commitments we make and the results we deliver, both internally and externally.


We do the right thing to keep the trust of those we serve and with whom we work.

One Team

We demonstrate a collaborative One Team approach across all areas and put members first in all we do.


We collaborate with our members, providers, and government partners. We are mindful that our government partners are the stewards of the public's resources and trust.

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